Playa del Carmen

3 beach clubs that you should know about Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a tourist enclave for all those who come to the Riviera Maya. The resorts and all-inclusive hotels predominate, as well as the wide variety of leisure offers. Of course, you must know everything that surrounds Playa del Carmen: the archaeological ruins of Tulum and its beaches, the beaches of Akumal, Cozumel …

But let’s not kid ourselves. Whoever chooses Playa del Carmen to vacation is thinking about the party, relax and the comfort of giving us everything done. Not only hotels will take care of you like a king, but there are also spas and beach clubs where you can spend a day at the beach like you have never done before.

Have you spent a day lying on a Balinese bed or a cot with a waiter who brings you everything you ask while you watch the sunset on a Caribbean beach? It does not sound bad, right? Listen to music or relax with your partner in one of the beach clubs that we recommend.

Martina Beach Club. This is one of the most chosen options by locals and foreigners alike. Relax watching the calm waters and the white sand or cruising with the best chill/beach music on a bunk. It has a swimming pool, where you can take a dip and meet people. In addition, the bar is wide, so you are served quickly and well. A great place to enjoy with friends and meet people and where, in addition, at night events and parties are usually held.

It is on 44th Street, at the end of Fifth Avenue, so there are not many shops, people or noise in the surroundings. It has a very extensive menu of foods and drinks that will not give you time to try everything in a single day.

Kool Beach Club. It is one of the best-known beach clubs in the area. Create a relaxed atmosphere for all those who seek the tranquility of the Caribbean, but without leaving out those people who seek the party and like electronic music. Everything is taken care of in great detail and that is why they allow private events, such as business meetings, weddings or bachelor parties.

It is located on 28th Street, in the center of Fifth Avenue and one of the busiest beach areas. If you want to celebrate an event, visit the website and discover all the options they have.

Indigo Beach Club. One of the most exclusive beach clubs characterized by its cuisine. To make an event, like a wedding, here is to bet for sure. Different menus and banquet options and celebrations to make your day unique and special.

It is located on 14th Street, at the beginning of Fifth Avenue. Now you also have the option of catering and home delivery.