Playa del Carmen


Best public beaches in Playa del Carmen

Quintana Roo, the perfect place to vacation and create unforgettable memories. Enjoy an incredible day on the beach, but not just at any other beach but the best public beaches of Playa del Carmen. Meet these turquoise paradises with the rich warmth of the Caribbean and choose your favorite.

1. Xpu-Ha

The best public beaches in Playa del Carmen – Xpuha

Xpu-ha is not only one of the most beautiful Mexican beaches, but it is also an ecological reserve surrounded by coral reefs and mangroves. Becoming the home of turtles, starfish, crabs, and many fish. Here you can do everything! Relax, dive, have fun in a kayak, distract yourself with a paddle board and eat delicacies in any of the nearby restaurants.

2. Punta Maroma

The best public beaches – Punta Maroma

It is classified as one of the best beaches in the world; a real paradise of the Riviera Maya. You must know that coming here is only possible through a restaurant. It is a quiet beach, ideal for spending the day with the family and doing different activities such as swimming with dolphins, riding a camel or a horse.

3. Xcalacoco Beach

The best public beaches in Playa del Carmen – Instagram: @pinchemiguelo

If you are one of those who like solitary beaches this is your ideal place. Xcalacoco is a beach that is mostly attended by locals since it is distant from the center of the city. It is perfect for long walks since it has a large stretch of coastline. Make sure to bring something to eat in advance because there are no restaurants nearby.

4. Mamitas Beach

The best public beaches in Playa del Carmen – Instagram: @mamitasbeachclub

If you’re looking for a more youthful environment, Playa Mamitas is your best option. This beach is never empty; there is usually music, and entertainment is never lacking. It has a Beach Club in case you want to eat and have a drink while you are in a bunk enjoying everything.

Come to Playa del Carmen and enjoy its best beaches, where without a doubt the Mexican Caribbean will not stop surprising you!