Playa del Carmen

quinta avenida playa del carmen

Fall in love with Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen

To think about Playa del Carmen, without a doubt, is to think of its emblematic Quinta Avenida. Its colors, streets, shops, and the people who walk this section on foot is one of the most memorable experiences you can enjoy in Playa del Carmen.

“La Quinta,” as the locals commonly call it; is a pedestrian street that starts at the Fiscal dock, the point from which you can take the ferry to cross to Cozumel.

From here, you can choose to wear your swimsuit to enjoy the beautiful, blue and crystalline beaches of the Caribbean Sea,or change the swimsuit for sandals or tennis to stroll through this internationally known boulevard in Quintana Roo.

What´s on La Quinta Avenida?

quinta avenida
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During your tour on 5th Avenue, you can find a variety of stores where you can buy souvenirs, handmade cigars, diamonds, designer clothes, perfumes and more. Seeing tourists in a swimsuit or shirtless is common since the temperature at noon can reach up to 35 degrees.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy either a delicious coffee, a cold beer, or a nice and complete meal. Recharge batteries and continue the journey!

If your budget is a little bit tight; on Quinta Avenida, you can find various promotions and discounts. Like convenience stores where you can eat at low cost in addition to serving as a momentary refuge from the sun; since they mostly have air conditioning, in case you go for a walk early.

Going at night is also a great option. Its excellent nightlife and promotions in several of the restaurants will make your visit even better.

What is your favorite activity on La 5ta Avenida?