Playa del Carmen

3 festivals you must visit in Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen different types of festivals are celebrated. You can enjoy the electronic music festivals with the most techno atmosphere, even those cultural festivals that remind us of the most Mexican traditions. Each of them has its own magic and that is why, year after year, they continue to be celebrated in Playa del Carmen. Do not miss the opportunity to travel here and meet many more people from different countries.

Life and Death Festival Playa del Carmen.

Each year, Xcaret is partying to celebrate the most popular tradition in Mexico: the Day of the Dead. The altars of the dead decorated with many colors and the nocturnal walks through the cemeteries are probably the most representative activities during this day. In addition to the decoration with candles and cempasúchil flowers, you can visit and perform other activities, such as interactive workshops, theaters, and concerts, art exhibitions, etc. Of course, you can not forget to try the typical dishes prepared by the Mayan communities, as well as the typical sweet known as “pan de muerto”.

Festival Playa del Carmen
Life and Death Festival Playa del Carmen

BPM Festival Playa del Carmen.

Another very important festival, known as one of the best concerts in the electronic field, is the BPM. It takes place in the first week of January, so the lovers of electronic music consider it the best way to start the new year. The greatest DJs of techno music, such as Paco Osuna, Marco Carola and Apolonia, meet in this event to make the attendees enjoy one more year, the best show of electronic music in Riviera Maya.

BPM Festival Playa del Carmen
BPM Festival Playa del Carmen

The International Festival Arena.

It is one of the most exciting music events in Playa del Carmen. From January 31 to February 5 this festival is celebrated to recognize and support the gay community. DJ’s and tourists from all over the world take place in Playa del Carmen to celebrate this festival.

The International Festival Arena Playa del Carmen
The International Festival Arena Playa del Carmen