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Professional Soccer team in Playa del Carmen

 The main sport for which the Mexicans are passionate is soccer. It is the sport that moves the people, for which they get up, turn on the television and forget about work, worries, and stress. If you are in Playa del Carmen and you are also passionate about soccer, here you can enjoy attending professional matches and see the Inter Playa team in a contest.

Inter Playa. The professional Soccer team from Playa del Carmen.

Inter Playa team is currently a second division team, was founded in 1999 and plays at the Mario Villanueva Madrid stadium. If you want to know more information about them, you can always click here.

As a fun fact, the beginnings of Mexican football were in the late 1800s. Was induced thanks to a rich group of British. The first club in Mexico was the Orizaba Athletic Club whose main activity was cricket. But, little by little football was gaining ground. The main soccer teams in Mexico, as well as the most famous, are América, Chivas, Toluca, Tigres, Monterrey, Pumas, Pachuca, and Cruz Azul.

With tastes, genres are broken. In case you do not love going to the stadiums but do not watch football at home, and you prefer to watch football in a restaurant in Playa del Carmen we recommend you; Los Tabernacos, Legends or The Tequila Barrel Bar and Casino. They have multiple screens and a great atmosphere when it comes to football as well as American football. But believe us there are many more places!

There are multiple ways to have fun in Playa del Carmen and there are also many options to choose from! Cultural, sports, nature, extreme activities, entertainment … Everything! Plan your trip or ask us what you can do here! It will be a pleasure to accompany you on your vacation.