Playa del Carmen


Take care of the Earth on your vacations in Playa Del Carmen

Being on vacation is a reason to relax and enjoy, especially if you are in the Mexican Caribbean. Therefore, visiting this paradise entails a responsibility that concerns us all and is taking care of it. Keep reading to know different tips to take care of the Earth while you are in Playa del Carmen!

1. Pick up your trash on the beach

Pick up your trash – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

If you are visiting Playa del Carmen it is obligatory to take a walk on its beautiful beaches. Bring snacks, and drinks are ideal to have a good time in front of the sea. But do not forget that after having fun you can deposit the garbage generated in one of the public containers normally located at the entrance of the beach.

2. Avoid plastics

Avoid plastic – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

Many products damage both; the sea and the planet and one of them is plastic. Avoid using them! They take many years to degrade and usually the use that we give them is just only once. It’s better to invest in a glass or metal container that has a longer life and in that way will be of great help to the planet and your wallet.

3. Separate garbage

Separate your waste – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

Throwing the trash in the appropriate containers is the most ideal. In this way, they have greater control of the waste generated and organic waste can become compost and inorganic can be recycled to generate a useful product.

4. Don’t forget your cigarette butts

Don’t forget cigarettes butts- Magic Blue Spa Hotel

According to Forbes magazine since 1980, more than 60 million cigarette butts have been collected from beaches and seas. This figure far exceeds plastic waste such as bags, bottles, and straws. A cigarette butt contaminates between 8 and 10 liters of water. Imagine what happens when we forget our cigarette butts in the sand and the water drags them into the sea. This waste is the most serious pollutant that the sea can suffer.

Let’s take care of these paradises that are also home too many creatures. The Earth is at risk and any small act we do is something that adds up. Be different!