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Where to watch a sunset in Playa del Carmen?

Being amazed is getting harder and harder. The events of everyday life we gradually see them so ordinary that we can be able to think that they have lost their magic. But maybe the one who has lost the ability to see the beauty in the simple things are us. The small details are what matter, therefore, let us recommend the perfect spot to see an incredible sunset in Playa del Carmen.

Like the sweet singing of the birds in the morning, a tender sunrise or a dazzling sunset. Ordinary? Maybe, but how gloomy our days would become without those little details.

Before revealing to you the ideal place to contemplate the orange canvas with red, pink and even purple tones … We will share with you 2 simple steps on how to make that experience unique. Everything must be ready before 18:53 because at that time is when the sun begins to say goodbye.

1. Accompany it – Part I.

To enjoy even more, accompany the sunset with a coffee or a good wine. Add flavor to your experience. Either coffee with a piece of bread or a cup of wine with some tapas. You will see that it is not the same! Store everything in a small backpack, so you don’t have to carry everything in your hands.

Sunset in Playa del Carmen – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

2. Accompany it – Part II.

In addition to the flavor, accompany your experience with a good style of music. Charge your speakers in the morning, so the battery does not run out in the middle of the song. Enjoy the sound of the sea, the music and the taste of your snack.

The best place to watch the sunset panoramically in Playa del Carmen is undoubtedly Punta Esmeralda Beach. It has everything, crystal waters, cenotes for swimming, white sand and a quiet environment to have a great time. Add the two previous tips and UFF!, you will wish the time never pass by.


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