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christmas in playa del carmen

Christmas in Playa del Carmen

Looking for a destination to spend Christmas? Playa del Carmen is an excellent idea to opt for a warm and tropical atmosphere in these holiday parties. You may know, the Mexican is known for their parties, but also for being a good friend. Spend this Christmas in Playa del Carmen.

Advantages of a Christmas in Playa del Carmen

christmas in playa del carmen
Christmas in Playa del Carmen – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

One of the many advantages is the weather. At this time the temperature has dropped considerably so that it is not hot, but neither cold. It is a pleasant climate that makes us enjoy the beach and be able to walk with comfortable and light clothes.

Another advantage is that you can have fun and meet many attractions such as Cozumel or Tulum, which are nearby and as we are all preparing to receive Christmas you will see the ornate streets and the locals with joy.

When staying in an all-inclusive hotel you will have the advantage that depending on the date you decide to come you can have dinner at Christmas or New Year. With what you will not have to spend on that topic.

In the case of Magic Blue, you can also enjoy a 2×1 in massages throughout the month of December. Staying in Magic Blue also gives you the advantage of being very close to 5th Avenue and at this time … You can’t imagine! You will find restaurants around the corner, shops to buy gifts for your family, live music, nightclubs and much more …

Have an amazing Christmas in Playa del Carmen next to the people you love and discover at the same time the charms that the Caribbean has for you on these dates!