Playa del Carmen


Enjoy the Fifth Avenue like an expert

When you visit Playa del Carmen you have to bear in mind to go through Fifth Avenue as a must. However, this street has become famous for a good reason. As well as having great beauty, it has an amazing touristic offer. Among restaurants, bars, and shops, you will wonder which are the best places to visit without looking like an amateur. Continue reading and discover how to enjoy the Fifth Avenue like an expert.

Eat something tasty


After a long walk down Fifth Avenue, your appetite will come to live. If there’s something that won’t be hard to find are the options to eat something tasty. From traditional Mexican options to international dishes. The price range varies greatly, being possible to find luxury restaurants and other more accessible places. However, it’s always a guarantee to find delicious dishes. If you’re on a tight budget you can order the traditional pizza slice at Pizza Renzo. This location has been part of Fifth Avenue for more than 15 years. But if you’re looking for a more complete and inexpensive meal, visit De Local. Order their classic and delicious milanesas and you will be satisfied.

Freshen up with an ice cream


After having eaten a large dish, the best thing you can do is walk for a while to help out digestion. However, the heat of Playa del Carmen can be a bit strenuous. Nothing that cannot be solved with tasty and refreshing ice cream. Fifth Avenue is full of ice cream shops of all kinds. Italian, German, American and, of course, Mexican ice creams. Take a walk around Tepoznieves to try some unusual ice cream. But, here you won’t find classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Rather, you can try tequila ice cream, rose petals or mango with chili. This way you’ll know how it is that Mexicans make ice cream.

Enjoy a coffee


After having eaten everything, including dessert, it will surely make you feel sleepy.  However, the walk along Fifth Avenue is not nearly complete. Recharge energies with a delicious coffee to continue your walk. Playa del Carmen receives French coffee that you can try at both Chez Celine and Café Antoinette, but also receives Mexican coffee. Visit Ah Cacao, for instance, to taste the delicious flavor of the famous Chiapas coffee. In these coffee shops, you will find options for every taste. Sweet, bitter, decaffeinated and combined with other special essences that will surely awaken more than your interest.

Discover a cultural show


Close this delightful walk along Fifth Avenue with an amazing cultural show. Mexico is a country that keeps a little bit of its wonderful culture in every corner. Playa del Carmen is no exception and therefore, the Fifth Avenue serves as a stage to give you a small demonstration. Next, to the Maritime Port, you will find Fundadores Park, a place where both locals and tourists hang out together. Here, social events are held that always seek to spread that love for Mexican culture. However, every afternoon, the public gathers in this small park to witness a traditional Mexican show. The spectacle of the Papantla Flyers, a reinterpretation of a ritual that took place since pre-Hispanic times. In this way, you can take home a treasure as important as the memory of Mexican culture.

After these excellent recommendations, in conclusion, you are ready to set aside amateur things. Believe us when we tell you that following these tips will make you go unnoticed among locals. Enjoy the Fifth Avenue like an expert in your next visit to the area. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the best this avenue has to offer. Certainly, it will be the perfect touch for your vacation in Playa del Carmen.