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xaman ha aviary

Xaman Ha Aviary

In case you thought that in Playa del Carmen all you have to do at weekends is just going to the beach and it’s over… We are pleased to tell you that it is not so. One of the biggest attractions is the beach but it is not the only thing to do. We bring for you The Xaman Ha Aviary! An excellent option to spend the weekend and at the same time learn about nature and do something different.

What is the Xaman Ha Aviary?

It is a natural refuge created to preserve and show the world the beautiful species that inhabit the region, especially birds.
Xaman Ha means “Water of the North” and was founded in 1993. The aviary is an ideal place to listen, see, and learn about birds.
The Xaman Ha Aviary is located at Paseo Xaman – Ha, Galaxia del Carmen II, 77717 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

xaman ha aviary
Xaman Ha Aviary – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

What will you find here?

In this sanctuary, you can find pelicans, flamingos, ducks, macaws, among others. Also, observing birds in danger of extinction, such as the Yucatecan parrot, the Yucatan magpie, and the turkey of the mountain, which have found their home in this beautiful place. Here they protect more than 45 species of birds that fly and are cared for in their natural environment.

What can you do here?

xaman ha aviary
Xaman Ha Aviary – Magic Blue Spa Hotel

You can visit the sanctuary, enjoy the environment, and learn about flora and fauna of the place. You will do guided tours; there will be photographs and souvenir shops so you can take a reminder of this beautiful place. Do not forget to bring sunscreen or repellent because the sun and the flies in Cancun are constant.

Take advantage, come, and enjoy this place. Not everything is on the beach. Discover what Playa del Carmen has to offer!